The Marblehead Business Referral Network

Meeting Benefits

How We Started

Many of our members have participated  in BNI, LeTip and other like organizations and decided we could be more effective setting our own standards and guidelines which focus on education, leveraging our business experience, and networking; all while requiring a reasonable time commitment.

MBRN meets two mornings per month and we find that this time commitment is ideal to allow for the group to prosper as well as to allow for its members to balance their time between work, family, and other obligations.

Networking meetings are held every other Thursday at Work Loft which is located at 1 Spring Street in Marblehead. Meetings start promptly at 7:30 am and last 1 hour. The first 30 minutes of each meeting is dedicated to each member and guest introducing their business with a quick 30 second introduction which is followed by members announcing specific business needs and referrals that they need for their businesses in the short term. The last 30 minutes of each meeting is dedicated to one of the following topics and they are cycled through on a consistent basis.

Business Spotlight

In order to remain relevant in today’s business environment, businesses are continuosly evolving. As these changes come to fruition, members are allowed to conduct an in depth discussion of their current businesses offerings and market segments. This allows members to feel comfortable referring each other as they are given the knowledge and tools to describe and speak intellegently about each others businesses.

Business Brainstorming

Part of the value of MBRN is that members have the opportunity to table a current business challenge and to have the group offer recommendations and solutions for fixes. In this case, the members advise as a CEO group would, only much less costly. This portion of the meeting provides input and shared experience to help solve real-time problems, find new ways to market to clients, address operational issues, and generally function as an informal and highly experienced board of directors.

Business Education

The third and final part of our meeting rotation is business education. The MBRN board members work diligently to recruit outside speakers on a variety of topics. This speaking series has proven to be one of the best assets to being a member of our group. Some of our more recent speakers and topics have been the following:

  • Mamak Choopra –   How To Price Your Services Correctly in the Marketplace
  • Priscilla Douglas- , “Keeping Your Business Relevant”
  • Jeneanne O’Neil of JO Social Media, Current trends on Facebook, linked in, and other social media outlets
  • Jeff Plankans Commonwealth Payroll & HR spoke on current Payroll law changes
  • Laura Swanson, Executive Director of The Enterprise Center at Salem State University