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As a highly skilled tax practitioner, I have a unique understanding of our complicated, lengthy, and constantly changing tax code and its’ complications. Custom, professional and efficient tax preparation services are provided, with superior dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

The complexity of the tax law is compounded by new changes every year. Unless you financial situation is extremely simple, you will definitely benefit from using a tax professional. a tax professional will ensure you have complied with the law and should help you claim every adjustment. More needs to be done than just collection tax forms, entering numbers into a computer, and delivering a tax return. It is important to take it to the next level by comparing the current year’s information to the prior year returns to get a good understanding of your situation. This approach makes sure nothing is missed and provides the best advice.

Follow up with additional questions based on information revealed during an initial client meeting, review of documents or after a detailed review of the draft returns is complete is often necessary. These questions form the basis for recommendations to fix an error or issue based on prior year filings or planning strategies that could save taxes in the future.  In some cases, answers to questions during the initial round raise additional opportunities or concerns that need to be addressed before the return can be compiled.It is very important that every deduction and credit you are entitled to ,but may not be aware of, is taken.

I strive to ensure all clients have the experience of becoming more educated about their tax status and final results. You want to be confident you CPA is very knowledgeable, answers your questions, is there when you need them, and is aware of your goals. I have completed more than 150 hours of intense training and rigorous examination. I must adhere to strict state licensing guidelines that distinguish me from other accountants. My broad business knowledge and financial expertise means you have a valuable, trusted adviser for financial and tax planning, business valuation, and ¬†accounting services. I am one asset you can’t afford to do without.